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couple and a family mediator

Family mediation sessions will be held for former couples who have decided to try and resolve their separation in good faith.

These events are rarely simple, especially when children, property, financial assets and debts are involved in the case.

There are some examples where women or men will sign and agree to any terms just to expedite the breakup.

Then there are others where an aggressive posture is taken, leaving the battle to be fought in the courts.

For those that want a conciliatory approach to resolve the matter, they will find mediation the most effective path to take.

Bypassing The Courtroom

Courtrooms make people feel nervous and on edge during the entire process. This is not to say that justice is not upheld or there is a lack of transparency in these settings, but they are formal environments where tensions can rise and decisions are not as clear as they could be. That is why the use of family mediation was introduced, reducing the temperature inside the room and offering a space that acts as much as a living room as it does for a negotiating position. Participants can dress casually and speak to each other in a cordial fashion without being flanked by lawyers, bailiffs, stenographers and other individuals in the jurisdiction process.

Reducing The Cost

If the tension and stress were not enough of a reason to try and avoid the courts, then the fees involved in attending those sessions should be. The use of family mediation sessions, by and large, are quicker to process, far more cordial and cheaper to access. Given that the breakup will commonly involve a financial settlement of some description, the need to lower costs at all avenues is essential. Why run up the bill and increase the animosity when there is a better solution at play?

Creative Problem Solving at Work

From the amount of hours that a mother can see their child to the amount of liabilities that must be paid following a

, the lines can be blurred through family mediation if both parties are willing to come to the table. This is why these activities carry so many more advantages than courtroom hearings where the outcome is often definitive and inked in black and white. There is no versatility, flexibility or capacity to shift the terrain. We all know that the lives of women and men following a separation can be in flux, so the ability to maneuver and find creative solutions is beneficial for all sides.

Dealing Only With Objective Facts

While a spouse is entitled to have their legal representative present for family mediation sessions, this is a process that will be overseen by an independent third-party arbiter. They will have no stake in the outcome other than to uphold the rights of the individuals and see the matter through to a conclusion. They will have the information at hand that details financial standings, contributions, debts, police records, character references and any other type of information that can influence a settlement. Nothing but the use of objective facts when it comes to family mediation sessions.

Taking Ownership of The Outcome

When a judge hands down a verdict, a spouse can feel angered and embittered about the ruling. This is a stick that those people use to beat themselves and others in the process, believing that the system has been unjust as they carry that burden. By engaging with family mediation services, participants take ownership of the outcome. They are given more autonomy to reach an agreement without many of the same provisions attached to a case brought before a judge.

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