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Have you ever wondered which printing services people are using to market their business these days? While it’s true that we live in a digital era, the demand for traditional media still exists – and it’s effective.

Here are the top eight things people are requesting in 2019:


1.     Business cards

While a lot of business marketing is done online via social media and emails, the demand for business cards is still going strong. This is most likely because social networking in person provides excellent opportunities to connect with people on a deeper level, and being able to present potential clients with a business card is a great way to get them to remember you – your name will be in their wallet!


2.     Posters

Posters are one of the most in-demand printing services thanks to the abundance of events we have in Australia. Between music festivals, art shows and theatre performances, there’s always something happening – and posters are a great way to spread awareness of these events. Posters are especially useful in the city when placed in a highly visible location – due to large amounts of foot traffic, you have the potential for thousands of eyes to see your poster every day!


3.     Flyers

Flyers are another great marketing tool which allow you to get your brand into the consciousness – and literal hands – of your potential customers. Ensure that you design your flyers so that they are eye-catching and engaging; you want people to want to read them! As flyers are smaller and generally of a thinner material than posters, they are one of the cheaper printing services on offer – making them great for businesses on a budget.


4.     Stickers and labels

Producing your own personalised stickers and labels is a great way to get your brand out into the world. They’re also a hit with kids, who love sticking things everywhere – on backpacks, chairs, bus stops and laptops. So if you have a kid-friendly brand, consider this marketing option.


5.     Brochures

Of all the printing services, brochures might be the most useful for businesses like restaurants, salons and real estate agencies. This is because they allow you to fit a large amount of information (like menu items and types of houses) in a small space, thanks to their folding design.


6.     Postcards

Designing your own personalised postcards is an underused yet effective marketing tactic. Selecting an artful design with your logo or business information on it can encourage people to buy and mail them to friends and family – all whilst spreading your brand message! Printing services don’t get much more fun than this, especially if you enjoy art and design.


7.     Coupons

Coupons are a useful marketing tool as they encourage your potential customers to sample your goods at a cheaper rate. The word ‘coupon’ originates from ‘pieces’; they are literally like a little piece of your business. Printing services can produce large batches of coupons in a short amount of time so that you always have plenty at the ready.


8.     Books and booklets


Books and booklets can be highly effective marketing tactics as they create a story and share a personality that your audience can connect with and (if done well). Whether it’s an autobiography on your journey to entrepreneurship or a cookbook showcasing your organic ingredients, a well-made book is not to be underestimated.

So there you have it – eight of the most popular printing services in Australia. Consider using some of them as part of your marketing strategy and assess the results; you might be pleasantly surprised.

Post Author: Kellie Figueroa

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