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The Guide On How To Submit A Guest Post

Almost all the bloggers today are on a lookout for new ways to popularize their blog. While some go for the paid formats for sponsoring their posts and creating an audience through social media mechanisms, other looks for more organic and collaborative approach. Submitting a guest post on other blogs and websites has worked well for the bloggers to increase their reach.
Putting up your content on an already established blog doesn’t just bring a new audience but also gives you a ready platform to showcase your work. This works effectively only when you know how to submit guest post qualitatively.

If you are someone new to this front, there is a little guide to help you get on track!

• Frame the right ideas
A good guest post is something that adds value not just to you but to the host website too. When you submit guest post always keep in mind that it is going to affect the platform of the other blogger or website. Therefore it is of utmost importance to put up content that is quality and intriguing to the audience of both the platforms while adding value to the blogs. Choose from relevant topics that you or the other blogger talks about and share something creative.

• Share your opinion on trendy topics
Trending topics are the best bet when it comes to creating topics for other blogs or websites. Submit guest post which talks about recent news, trend or introduction in the market as people shall be keen to know about it. Use popular hashtags and bank on the trending topics to generate traffic. This shall help your guest post get popular and attract other opportunities while also creating traffic to take to your home blog!

• Stick to the host website guidelines
When you submit a guest post, it is critical to stick to the guidelines laid down by the host website. When websites offer invitations for guest blogs, they too are concerned about the content to be put up on their platform. Therefore it is when your post is confined to their guidelines that it shall make it to the platform and gain promotion. Sticking to guidelines makes a good rapport, improves connection and gives you further chance to be a guest blogger with them!

• Mention that you are guest blogging
Always mention that you are a guest blogger to the selected platform and then share your blog details to drive the interested readers to your website. This shall also attract other host bloggers to send you an invited for guest posts.

• Don’t get too promotional
Too much promotion of your blog on other platform attracts negativity. Stick to quantified promotional and SEO measure and keep it minimal.

To submit a guest post is to take up the legacy of your blog to another platform for the time being. Make sure you put up good content and create interest in readers for them to reach out to your platform and be a dedicated audience!

Post Author: Kellie Figueroa

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