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Leather sofa is one of the most common furniture used by different people all around the world. The tanning is the process in which the raw material is converted into the product which is available in the present market today. The leather is made into a fine product which is soft, durable and pliable. The next process includes the colouring of leather sofa which is either requested by the customer or chosen by the manufacturer in relation to the current market trend. The penetrating dye is used in this process. There are imperfections caused in the time of dying so that the furniture looks unfinished. This is rectified in the next process of finishing. The coatings which are protective in nature are also used in this step by the manufacturer. The resistance to stain and abrasion is provided here so that the sofas look more attractive than earlier.


The colouring is the most important part of the making of leather couches. Because the furniture should be matching to the interior designing of the space in which it has to be installed. Thus the colour of the space matters a lot and this is why the customization of furniture has been increased in the recent years. The colours which are closely related are blended in the next step so that there is an achievement of splotchy appearance. This step is termed as mottled finish and the next step is glatt in which a smooth finish is given to the furniture.

Many of us wonder how lustre is present for the leather settees since the leather is a dull product. This lustre is achieved in the next step which is termed as glazed finish. In this step, the polishing of surface of leather is done. This is generally done with the help of glass or steel rollers under high pressure. The next step is to give a dull finish and is termed as matte. It is also important to be noted that animals from which the skin is used to make leather are cattle, sheep, goat and pig.

The leather chaise lounges are also famous for the durability they have. In fact no other upholstery materials in the market can give the luxury and elegant look to the room. What makes the leather furniture most asked for in all time periods is because of the versatility they have. The leather sofas are able to give satisfy the appearance needs for both traditional and contemporary living rooms. The most common colours in which the leather furniture are available are tan, black, creamy white or sultry red. The other advantage of the team is the comfort range that furniture can give to all kinds of users.

The major attractions of the leather sofa are the different detail steps by which the leather furniture is produced like tanning, colouring, mottled finish and many more. The durability, appearance and comfort of the leather sofa are the main features which attract the customers very much.

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