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Did you know there are over 3 billion Google searches every day? There are an equal amount of different content sources that come up in a search. But did you know that 90% of content gets no organic traffic? This is because less than 5% of internet users make it to the second page of search results.

This is also why SEO Sydney has become overwhelmingly important; to apply strategies designed to get web pages on to that sweet first page of Google search, and better yet to the top of this list so that your item or service is the top of its niche.

Are you an SEO beginner? Not to worry, as we have a list for you right here with some handpicked tips (the most important things you should know!) to get you started…

  1. Know what SEO is all about

Aka, ‘search engine optimization’, involves coming up with the best ways to get your webpage ‘free’ and ‘organic’ Google traffic – and then of course, putting these into action.

  1. Understand how Google works

Google is one giant database, with billions on billions of information articles. When you search, it uses the keywords to filter these to present you one with the articles containing your search terms, or closely related words. This ‘only’ is a still a hell of a lot…

It may not be the most efficient for Google to present these with a ‘no particular order’ approach. Rather, with some speedy algorithms, Google returns the most relevant results.

  1. Know the goals of SEO

In order to do SEO well there are two primary goals.

  • To make it as clear as you can for search engines to detect the main concepts on your page. This is so Google can do as accurate a job as a possible at matching the user’s intent.
  • To make Google see the content as top rank worthy – this is no longer about just about finding matching words, but being meaningfully relevance (semantics).
  1. Research keywords

You need to know what people are looking for. Do this by doing a little research to find the relevant keywords that users are searching at the current time, and find ways to link these search queries to the item or service you want to sell.

You may find one phrase regarding a specific good or service is searched more frequently than another. For example, you may find ‘Sydney wedding photographer’ is searched more than ‘wedding photographer in Sydney’. SEO targets the search queries with the most traffic.

  1. Know on versus off-page

There is a key difference. On-page SEO is all about what you do on your page, and in the construction of it, to optimize traffic to your page. This includes includes weaving the relevant key phrases into the content to make it clear to both Google and users what the page is about.

Off-page is everything done outside your page to alter rankings. You can think of this as  ways to spread the word about an item or service outside of the ‘shop’ so to speak, and has just as much value as on-page strategies. Examples of off-page strategies are…

  • Link building or backlinking
  • Building social media presence
  • Connecting with online influencers
  1. Know the basics of backlinking

A crucial tool in the world of SEO, this is essentially getting hyperlinks to your page from other websites. It’s important to understand how to create high-quality links and how search engines use these links – to uncover new web pages, and to help determine a page’s ranking by taking into account its number of external links.


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