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How To Prepare Guest Posts List For Guest Blogging

Not all websites allow outsiders to post on their platform. It takes a good approach, popularity, and authorization to take over someone else’s platform and use it for guest posting. Therefore when you are on a lookout for guest posting opportunities, it is important to prepare the guest’s posts list.

Guest blogging can help you reach out to the wider audience, take their traffic back to your blog and also create quality content together. It helps you connect with fellow bloggers and work together as a team too. Finding the relevant bloggers indeed helps in this process.

Here we help you prepare for the right guest posts list!

Brainstorm guest post ideas

When preparing to take up the guest posting way to popularize the blog it is important to prepare for a guest posts list. Think of ideas for the guest posts and the platforms you can seek for getting the guest posts done. These are mainly the areas where you blog operates. New blog post ideas, trending topics, the introduction of new items or just a few experience sharing – the guest post can include anything as long as it connects to what you generally blog about. Make a list of all the ideas and make a master data.

Search for the bloggers in your niche

When your guest posts list is ready, it is time to mark it with the right blogger platform. Find the bloggers and websites on the internet who are operating in the same niche as yours. You can search for relevant posts that your list contains and look up for blogs who share similar ideas. These can be your potential guest posting platforms. What is important here is to find the bloggers who work in your niche.

Research and contact

Research for the appropriate bloggers who fit the requirements of your guest posts list. Do thorough research on the bloggers and find the guidelines laid down by them for writing a guest post on their platform. This will help you evaluate if you can be a part of their platform and create posts for them. You can then approach them for the guest post and send in your post. Once the post is approved, you shall be able to be a part of their platform.

Make a guest post list

Guest post list needs to be a comprehensive one. You need to check on the ideas, the platforms available, the content to be written, the content already put up by you, etc. This list helps you evaluate the kind of content you should provide for different platforms – marking that each one turns out to be unique. A guest posts list helps you stay creative with posts and approach new bloggers every time without having to devote too much time again and again.

A good blogger should have a guest posts list prepared for their future endeavors. This helps them stay updated with their niche blogger’s platforms and the content they can put up on their blogs. Thus making the promotions easier!

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