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How To Get Guest Bloggers For Your Blog

Popularizing a blog is all about juggling with great content and producing quality posts for the readers. Producing these posts on a regular basis can be pretty daunting to the bloggers. Thus blogger uses the guest blogging techniques to improve their blog traffic.

However, it is not easy to get the right bloggers to invite for the guest posting. The popularity of the guest posting has led to a lot of spam posters, bad quality content, etc. leading to misuse of the guest blogging opportunities. Thus it is important to get the right bloggers for your blog to guest post.

Here is a little guide on how to get guest bloggers for quality posts!

Build up a community

If you have no idea how to get guest bloggers, it is best to join or build up a community of bloggers who share an interest in guest blogging. This can be done by joining blogger groups, communities or creating one on popular platforms. The blogger community generally has all kinds of bloggers to connect to. You can invite accredited bloggers after knowing about their blogs and get them to write a guest post on your blog. This can be in the form of collaboration, friendly gesture or a paid activity.

Share the guest post invites

One of the popular ways to get guest bloggers is to share an invite on social media channels about the same. Being a popular blogger, you can invite numerous bloggers for guest posting on your blog. Interested ones can contact you and work on it. The invite shall frame the requirements, criteria of the bloggers as well as the rules for posting the blog post. It is best to filter down the applications in the invite itself rather than attracting unlikely applicants.

Lay the guidelines

If you are wondering how to get guest bloggers – the answer lies in framing the guidelines. Guest bloggers are on a lookout for opportunities for guest blogging. When you lay down the guidelines for guest blogging and share it on your blog with proper hashtags, it becomes easy for the guest bloggers to track down your platform for guest posting. Share the relevant information, the word limits, quality of content and approval criteria so that the bloggers know what they need to deliver and thus provide for good content too.

Interact with guest bloggers

The best way to get in touch with guest bloggers is to approach them yourself. If you know a fellow blogger in your niche or like someone’s content, you can contact them to post a blog on your platform too. This can be a collaboration or an incentive-based request which the guest blogger shall abide if they find the deal useful to them as well. Generally, bloggers operating on the same level take up the opportunities to grow together.

How to get guest bloggers? Just be a good blogger and connect to the best of bloggers around your niche. The sharing of information and guidelines shall help create a good deal!

Post Author: Kellie Figueroa

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