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The unplanned pregnancies are usually destructed by using the different methods of termination of pregnancy. There are many reasons and causes for the same. In fact the decision of termination of pregnancy is a very complicated one since it affects the mental and physical stability of a woman irrespective of her age. It is very important to be noted that the termination is legal in many countries where as many countries prohibit it for many valid reasons. For example, countries like America consider pregnancy termination as legal if the girl wishes to do it. It is a right of the girl. But if she is a minor or is under the age of 18 years the consent of her parents is an essential so far. But there are certain exceptions for this like the cases of rape or sexual assaults. The different reasons of going to the pregnancy termination clinic are noted below.


A woman can decide for abortion if the pregnancy was not planned. This is the most common reason why most of the pregnancies are terminated all over the world. The next common reason is that if the pregnancy can result in harm to the health of the mother, may be death. In all such cases the doctors suggest the patients to go for planned miscarriage. The next reason is due to the unplanned pregnancy caused due to the rape or other sexual assault. The last reason is the chances to have any kind of defects to the fetus if it is born.

The two kinds of options available for the woman for medical feticide are common in almost all the parts of world. The right decision in the choosing of the method has to be done then only the health of the patient can be properly looked after. The two options available are medical abortion and surgical abortion for both there is many differences. Commonly the difference between the both is that the first is done by taking some abortion pill and the latter is a medical procedure done by the experienced doctors.

The medical abortion is generally done by taking the pill called Mifepristone. It is highly important to be noted that this option is taken for the termination of pregnancy which is in an early stage. How it works is by blocking the progesterone which is the important hormone during the pregnancy. The hormone is used for making the lining of the uterus of women. If the progesterone is not released the lining of the wall around the uterus is not formed. This makes the uterus not capable to hold the pregnancy. The abortion pill is very effective since works for ninety eight to ninety six per cent.

The major effects of the termination of pregnancy are that the woman who decided to destruct the fetus growing inside her does it using the medical options available. The two common kinds of termination of pregnancy are the medical abortion and surgical abortion among which the first is done with the help of pills.

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