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The team POS logistics is based in Malaysia, which has been established in 1984 and has flourished to the top ranking logistics service providers in the world. Their main services are focused in Malaysia itself and the humble beginning was also from the same place. The different services provided by the team includes haulage of the containers, transportation, warehousing and distribution, forwarding of the freight, shipping agency, services related to the customs and port clearance and many more. The main advantage of the team POS logistics over the other service providers is that they generally focus on the satisfaction of the customer needs which guided them to be dynamic. All the solutions for the supply chain is provided by the team so that no objections are tend to occur during the transportation. It is also important to be noted that the back-end solutions which are highly innovative and the cost effective services attract the customers more.

In the beginning of the enterprise, the team owned fifteen prime movers and 60 trailers which served only few northern parts of the Malaysia. Now the team is well built with the experience of 30 years and has become the biggest service provider of logistics in Malaysia. In fact the excellence gained from the experience is the main reason why the team is effortlessly able to satisfy the needs and meet the expectations of the customers. Furthermore, the POS management gives its services to almost 20 countries in the world through the companies affiliate to them.

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The strength of POS coordination agency is very high since they have twenty six branch offices with 12 agents throughout the Malaysia. The approximate number of employees deployed in the company is around one thousand six hundred. The solutions for the logistics like automotive, projects, e-commerce, supply chain, specialized logistics and vehicle shipping are handled by the team. It is also very significant to be noted that the vision of POS transportation agency is that to get Malaysia connected with the all the parts of world. Also the mission is to build and deliver choice network for people.

The abovementioned characteristics of the service given by the POS planning agency make them very different from the other agencies. The core values followed by the team are empathy, decorum, integrity, accountability and innovation. The major coverage and network of the services given by the team includes Headquarters, Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Terengganu, Pahang, Melaka, Johor, Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan. The employees working in the team are also well trained and experienced so that they take care of the areas which are assigned to them. Moreover POS engineering team provides the air freight and sea freight services too. All kinds of detailed information are provided in the official website of the team.

The POS logistics is based in Malaysia which is the biggest service provider of logistics in the country. The team is highly qualified and experienced in the same so that they maintain the high quality services when compared with others.

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