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Some things you can afford to be blasé about ($1 servo coffees, anyone?) – but the best hair salons near me aren’t one of them. Your locks (or lack thereof) are one of the first things people notice about you, and given that most people want to make a good first impression, it’s important to keep them looking slick.

Unfortunately, many stylists don’t live up to their name, giving half-hearted, rushed cuts and colours that leave you thinking “I could have done a better job”!

So when you next type ‘hair salons near me’ in Google Maps, don’t just head straight to the closest store that appears. Consider whether your stylist of choice possesses the following:


Proven results

Do they make claims to be the best stylists in the city? Don’t just take their word for it – check to see if they provide an online gallery showcasing the cuts and colours they have performed in the past. Online and word-of-mouth reviews can be useful evidence of technical skill, but you also want to take a look at their work for yourself to determine whether they appeal to your personal tastes. They could be excellent at creating retro styles, for instance, but pretty shoddy at making contemporary ones.


Range of services

Ideal hair salons near me should provide a wide range of services and treatments in order to meet their client’s varied demands. Of course, if you’re simply after a trim, any place will do – but if you’re after something a bit more niche, like keratin treatments or a perm, you’ll need to check that the stylist can do this for you.



Clean and tidy hair salons near me will always be preferable to rundown stores or ones where the floor is covered in tresses. Visiting a stylist is an act of self-care, and customers expect the experience to be a pleasant one. This means that atmosphere and cleanliness is everything – additionally, a dirty store signals poor quality and a lack of care when it comes to the actual styling business!


Awesome customer service

This doesn’t just mean greeting you with a smile. Your stylist should be paying total attention to your needs and wishes, rather than simply ushering you through the door and out again as swiftly as possible. Consider it essential for hair salons near me to give you a free consultation where you can exchange words regarding your goals for your tresses. They should inspect your locks and be willing to give honest professional advice whilst letting you make the final decision (they are your strands, after all!).


Up-to-date technology

Hair salons near me which use high-quality, current technology and products are always a good option. While they don’t necessarily have to constantly buy the newest flat iron that comes on the market, you should expect them to use models which are relatively new (bought within the past few years). This ensures that they are in optimal condition and are working well. And of course, you want them to be using products that aren’t past their use-by date! If it’s important to you, other factors such as using natural and organic ingredients may also be relevant.



If innovation is something you value, then you should opt for hair salons near me which are considered ‘state of the art’ in their industry. Look for upmarket stylists which specialise in creative and innovative cuts. However, expect to pay a lot more for a one-of-a-kind style – these stores are in demand for their skills and can afford to charge high rates.

Post Author: Kellie Figueroa

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